Betting System

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Brian Gunnoe

Great List, you can also play Animal Skins Golf. This game, created in 1997 is a simple Hot potatoes game. Got a coin, get rid of it!

•On the first tee agree on a value that the coins will be worth at the end of the round.
•All players tee-off and play as usual. The first golfer to commit one of the indicated golfing infractions receives the corresponding coin.
•The player keeps the coin until another player commits the same infraction, at which time, the coin is passed to them.
•If a golfer already has a coin and commits the same infraction again, there is no added penalty. Play continues.
•Any player may have more than one coin at any time.
•Be sure to play in turn, each coin may change hands more than once per hole depending on how many infractions occur
•For more fun, play the game during the front nine and start again on the back nine.

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