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Personal opinion (rant) - sport to me is competition that requires athleticism to be competitive.

Competition exists in anything from a rowing race at the Olympics, bake sale down at the fair to a job interview. The level of competition is not a definer of a sport or game.

Athleticism I think can be defined as requiring not only skill but a physical fitness that is not possessed by regular people. John Daly, Tim Herron, Charles Barkley, Pat Hurst etc are not athletes. They are very skilled and talented at what they do but they are far and away from what you would call fit. That's why I maintain (as a keen golfer) that golf is a fine GAME requiring much skill and practice and is a great way to spend a nice afternoon.

It is not, however much the hordes of overweight businessmen want to call it to sleep better at night, a sport.

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